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Exceptional Progress

The purpose of education is to prepare and initiate students for a life well lived. Ippy offers programs that complements school curriculum in order to achieve this purpose.

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Everybody agrees with the importance of leading a Good life. But what constitutes Good Life is an elusive and complex question. Interestingly, research says that people do seem to recognise what constitutes good life. The mystery is why so few make choices that reflect this knowledge.

This program is designed for 13 – 18 years old children to engage in an exploration on what constitutes Good life and how to prepare and equip oneself to lead a Good life. It will cover topics such as Emotions, Relationships, Character, Knowledge & Wisdom and Work. 



COMPASS is an eclectic career selection (Calling) program designed for high school students. It involves dialogue, discussion, reflection, psychometric test, counselling, hands-on activities and lectures. Unlike other solutions for career selection (such as psychometric tests alone) this program takes an integrated view of work and life and links it with concepts such as meaning, fulfilment and purpose in life. This makes this program very unique as few researchers in India work on these topics. This program is designed based on extensive research and readings from broad disciplines such as Positive Psychology, Vocational Behaviour, Narrative Psychology, Philosophy and Literature.

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‘Competence and Character’ are the two major dimensions of human worth. There is no dearth of avenues to improve the competence of people. But sadly character development is neglected to the extent that it is almost forgotten. Most of the problems we face in today’s world are due to the lack of character. And character is something which can be cultivated (and not taught) through cultural ethos.

This program is designed for 11 – 18 year old kids to develop various aspects of their Character Strengths and Virtues such as Wisdom, Courage, Justice and Temperance.  

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